Big On Children is the one-stop-shop for those looking for unique, educational children's gifts that will enthrall little ones yet impress their parents. Big On Children is committed to bringing the most innovative, exciting and ground-breaking products sourced and from around the world direct to its customers.

Personalised products are now a US$3 billion industry and Big On Children's range of 'My Music, My Movie, My Name' children's gifts are groundbreaking in their genre, letting children be the stars of the entire product range. The range lets you insert your chosen name or photograph in a variety of products that currently include personalized musical CDs, 22 minute DVD videos, alarm clocks, interactive storybook CDs and singing soft toys, with over 10 languages and a database of over 40,000 names on offer. Additional personalized products including a singing toothbrush holder, potty training seat, piggy banks and greeting cards due to come to market imminently along with several more languages. A personalized Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CD is shortly to be released in the summer of 2014. Big On Children also offers an enhanced range of personalized items including Label-Itz silicon label bands that fit any baby cup or baby bottle, Little-Me toys featuring a child's face in 3D and other unique products. Recently announced, BOC now also represents Hooligans, a South African fair trade clothing brand for children exclusively.

Big On Children's first flagship store is located in the prestigious The Dubai Mall, between Kidzania and Sega Republic. Further UAE outlets are at Hamleys Dubai Mall, the Toy Store at both Mall of the Emirates and The Dubai Mall. Through Big On Children's distribution channel there is now a regional presence in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar and soon in London. International expansion was heralded with the opening of a concession in FAO Schwarz on New York City's Fifth Avenue in 2013. Our branded products are also stocked by a number of other reputable outlets such as Babyshop and