Corporate Services Trust Provider

Big On Offshore is today a leading provider of offshore entities with a comprehensive range of offshore company, trust and share trust registration in several key offshore and on-shore jurisdictions globally for both the retail and professional market/customers having been conceived back in 2009. Furthermore, we can provide bank account opening, auditing, professional director and shareholder service and full administrative services. Headquartered in Dubai and part of The Big On Group, Big On Offshore provides a bespoke client service with multi-lingual personnel able to efficiently and effectively deal with a company’s complete offshore needs.

Absolute confidentiality, an in-depth knowledge of the region, low fees, efficient execution, excellent customer service, a customer friendly website and a team of employees and corporate account officers able to converse with clients in the language of their choice ensures a superlative service. These factors set Big On Offshore apart from other providers in this field. Big On Offshore is committed to growth and to providing the highest level of customer care and attention. Whilst the process to open an offshore entity is fairly simple, our team appreciates that you may have several questions you would like to ask to give you peace of mind so we stand ready and willing to guide through the process.

Big On Offshore also provides companies with the best solution to minimise taxes, protect assets, handle estate planning, reduce costs, limit liabilities, increase confidentiality and optimise risk management amongst other benefits.

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Big On Offshore provides a complete one-stop shop for those looking to gain alternative citizenship. Our experience spans a wide variety of countries depending on the clients individual needs and requirements. Recently added last year in 2014 is the Maltese Individual Investor programme (IPP) which is designed to facilitate Maltese Citizenship by Investment to non-Maltese nationals and their dependents. Malta’s IIP, (offering an EU passport and access to 169 countries globally without a visa) is the first programme of its kind to be recognised by the European Commission. Please contact us for further information at